Air France Museum



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Browsers : browsers supporting webGL technology :

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

Internet Explorer is not supported.



The virtual Air France museum opened in July 2014, is designed as an evolving suite: 

-At the moment, we work on a guided tour, for an optimal and chronological discovery of rooms and in the implementation of a zoom,

-The museum will expand of two historic rooms covering the 1980-2000 and 2000-2014 period , and an Exhibition Park including the Air France  planes or essential companies presented in various museums,

-The selections presented in the rooms represent only a small part of our collections and they will ,regularly, be renewed,

-Finally, we shall realize the English version of our museum, as soon as possible.



 You'll enter the virtual space of the Air France Museum, an imagined and modelled  architecture

to present, like a real museum, the historic collections of air France.

Take a walk in the Space of that amazing Museum,visit the rooms and collections,

 read the cartels of the works, select a broadcasting of a movie....

simply by using your computeur mouse and the arrows on your keyboards.



Please note: Rooms visit in the dexter sense, from the left


use " up arrow " to move you forward
use "down arrow " to move you backward
use "left arrow" to move laterally to the left
use "right arrow" o move laterally to the right
use Maj +"left arrow" to turn you to the left
use Maj + "right arrow" to turn you to the right
continuous left click on the mouse and movement with it: movement of the look in 360°
double-click on the ground : movement towards this point
double-click on the plan : movement towards the point chosen on the plan
click on a work : reading of the cartel of the work
By opening the MENU  above on the right of the screen, you choose:
• the rooms / direct access to the selected room in the drop-down menu
• movies / access to the list  for consultation movies
• the help to the visit/ access to that heading
• quit / internet return in the site of the Air France museum
mouse wheel: move forward/backward
arrow keys: move up/down/left/right around the plane
left click drag : move around the plane


Following your tour, that we wish you

pleasant and instructive,

please send any observations, critics and suggestions on